Confessions of a Virtual Boss

Winners Psychology: The Mindset of Success

March 11, 2018

I employed 40 staff and had a 6 figure business by age 19. Age 21 I felt paralyzed by two bad nightclub ventures and thought about suicide! Mindset is powerful, and mindset is what allowed me to bounce back and do what I do right now.

There are certain patterns that exist that allow people to do well in life, whether that be financial success, happiness, fulfillment, while at the same time other patterns exist that lead us to live lives of failure, self-imposed imprisonment, and sadness.

Money does not mean everything. However, my ass prefers the leather of a jaguar seat as opposed to a battered old 1999 Vauxhall. 

The secret of it all is mastering time! But is that all?


Here is what you're going to learn:

  • How to master your time
  • Why living life on your terms is probably not what you think it is!
  • Focus on the big picture, get rid of the mini thinking stuff
  • Wealth is not the answer.... but it's certainly not the enemy!
  • The difference between the 27-year old I know who owns a Lamborghini but looks dead and depressed vs the 55-year-old self-made Iranian/British millionaire who lives a great life and enjoys his time.
  • Transform the way you run your business and live your life.
  • How to influence your team.



This is one the most powerful episode that I've produced, I touch on very personal stuff, and I promise that this will leave you thinking. Today's show has the ability to change the entire way you think about business and life!


About Confessions of a Virtual Boss Presenter Michael Brodie:

Michael Brodie is a brash, common sense speaking 24-year old serial entrepreneur, virtual boss, and outsourcing expert. He is the founder of Virtual Assistant hiring website

To find out more about Mike, you can contact him at the following:
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